The physicians of Biltmore Medical are following the situation very closely.

What are we doing?

We bring all sick patients in through our back door and they are masked immediately and taken to designated “sick” rooms.

Well patients still come in to the waiting room but are taken to an exam room as soon as possible to avoid having several patients in the waiting room at one time.

We are aggressively disinfecting surfaces with medical grade disinfectant that are touched frequently and practicing excellent hand hygiene among our staff.

What can you do?

If you are feeling poorly, call us before coming into the office.

If you think you are sick, call us and we will screen you and then give you further instructions.

If you are worried about coming in for a routine visit, you are welcome to call us from your car when you arrive and let us know you are here.  We can then call you back and let you know we are ready for you and then take you straight back to a “well” exam room.